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I'm so excited to announce my newly published memoir, "The Grace to Walk Away" (Link in Bio). ⁠

I'm so proud of My Journey to God's Love. Sometimes, it takes a shattering event to change one’s path in life. That breaking point is most meaningful when God orchestrates it. This is MY Story. A story about a daughter, a sister, a mother, and a would-be-wife. ⁠

While heading toward a fairy tale wedding and a happily ever afterlife as the wife of a professional ballplayer, she finds the unthinkable instead. This is the story of MY search for meaning in the midst of anguish and disappointment. My search for answers in the face of shock and treachery. My submission to a will that is bigger than my own. ⁠

This is the story of how the heart heals, wounds mend, and the God who breaks and allows brokenness knows where to find all of the pieces.⁠

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