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Hold My Hand

Hold My Hand

I too am woman; I don’t want to be the man

Brother, please step up and hold my hand

I don’t want to raise the children all alone

How did I ever get here, do I have to be grown?

It’s a time as kids we rush so quickly to see

No road map, no plan, no talk of bended knees.

The awakening… brother’s behind bars “Lord, help me please”.

Which way should I go, now I’m down on my knees.

I know there is something you created me to do

Yes, I do want to hear well done when I am through.

You listen and learn from the mistakes I have made

And don’t walk through life uncertain and afraid

It’s not too late to strategize, dream, and set your goals

Do you know the plan of God that He might unfold?

Unfold the destiny that He had all along for you

As He watched and waited and still guided you through

Even this place of realization, you didn’t get to on your own

Divine orchestration, Angels protecting all along

Greatness, purpose is inside of you

And it’s going to come out if it’s the last thing you do

Roll up your sleeves, work hard, and get it done

From every distraction, be sure to run

Run, run toward what God has given you to do

That you might find fulfillment, in this lifetime too.

Release the shackles, my Brother; I don’t want to be the man

I will get there much easier if you would just hold my hand.

Like Paul and Silas come out and be the man.

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